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Client Story: Graham Drew

How companionship from Call The Grandkids™ helped Graham regain his positive spirit


"I think Call The Grandkids is critical to the quality of life of residents."

A huge thank you to the Drew family for allowing us to share Graham's story.

Graham Drew is a humorous and warm-hearted 95-year-old! At the age of 88, Graham began to develop the early signs of Alzheimer's while he was residing in an assisted living residence. As his needs changed and he began to require a higher level of care, his family moved him to a full-time care facility.

Graham did well for the next few years at his new home. But as his condition worsened he was forced to move again to a new care facility according to his daughter, Debbie Drew. Debbie visited her father regularly and would take him out to see an old friend, but things weren't improving much for Graham.

"We tried physiotherapists, and some volunteers came, but it was turmoil before Call The Grandkids."

In search of something new, Debbie attended the North Shore Seniors' Health Expo where she was first introduced to Call The Grandkids™. After speaking with us at the Expo (and winning a gift certificate!), Debbie decided to schedule a consultation and trial our services.

We met with Debbie at the care facility where Graham lives to learn more about him and discuss the ways we could help with companionship. Because his medical needs are looked after by the staff at the care facility, our services were a perfect fit for Graham's social needs.

"I really liked that you came and sat with me beforehand and had a detailed discussion about our father. That made me feel like you were very intent on catering to his needs."

Debbie agreed to schedule the first visit for Graham with Penny, one of our companions. Penny arrived at the care facility and introduced herself for the first time. They got to know each other and this was also an opportunity for Penny to learn more about his personality and come up with ideas for future visits.

After several successful visits, Debbie decided to have a companion from Call The Grandkids™ see Graham consistently once per week; at a day and time that fit nicely within his normal routine. During the weekly visits, Penny started playing several different games with Graham, which she found he really enjoyed. They would also engage in lengthy conversations, look through his photo albums, and go for short walks.

Penny, like all of our companions, always documents the activities and observations at the end of every visit. We call these reports our Visit Logs and we share them with family members to keep them involved and informed about their loved ones.

"I like to hear what's going on. It gives me great comfort to hear how he's doing. When I went away, the Visit Logs were so great."

After seeing an improvement in her father, Debbie and her family increased the companionship visits from one to two visits per week. Penny has been seeing Graham for nearly 6 months now and he has continued to maintain his positive spirit. We are so honoured to have Graham as part of the Call The Grandkids™ family.

"I can just see he has really rallied around things now. He gets a lot of good attention catering to his needs and interests. I think Call The Grandkids is critical to the quality of life of residents."

Founded for our own grandparents.

Call The Grandkids™ is a team of friendly companions on a mission to help seniors live well, happily and confidently, wherever they call home.

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