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7 Senior Friendly Restaurants on the North Shore

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Taking Mom and Dad out for a bite to eat is a great opportunity to get outside, and there is no shortage of wonderful places to eat on the North Shore. But having so many options can also make it difficult to decide on a great restaurant that is convenient for seniors.

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite restaurants on the North Shore that seniors love for their ambience, accommodating nature, healthy menus, and comfortable seating.

1. Eighties Restaurant

There has been an enormous amount of development on the North Shore in recent years, and it’s nice to sit down somewhere with an atmosphere that takes you away to a time of wholesome comfort. The Eighties Restaurant, located on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, right next to City Hall and the beautiful new library, is everything you want in casual dining and hasn’t changed much since opening its doors in 1980. If you’re looking for a delicious homemade style meal at a modest price, the Eighties Restaurant will quickly become one of your favourite places to take your parents. Before your first trip to this restaurant, we should note that there are a few steps at the front door that seniors may require assistance with.

2. White Spot

With 4 locations on the North Shore, White Spot is another old fashioned favourite that surely makes our list of senior friendly restaurants. Though most know of this classic BC restaurant, many haven’t discovered the “Founder’s Menu” that is available upon request. This menu features some of White Spot’s most popular dishes in smaller portions and at smaller prices. If those large entree portions are a bit too much food, these make great options for seniors. It’s also worth mentioning that all 4 locations are on the ground level, so there are no stairs to climb. The newer Park Royal location may require a bit of walking as it doesn’t have many parking spots directly at the entrance, however the other locations typically all have ample parking.

3. The Salmon House

Not only does The Salmon House offer culinary perfection, it also features a breathtaking view of Vancouver to be enjoyed from their comfortable and quiet lounge. Although you probably won’t visit this restaurant every day, it makes a wonderful setting for special occasions and can accommodate groups. Keep an eye out for coupons in your mailbox, as they often send out great discounts to residents in the North Shore area. The Salmon House is just above Highway 1 in West Vancouver and requires a short drive depending on where you live, however it does have a dedicated parking lot and at least one wheelchair parking spot at the front door for people with disabilities.

4. Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe is a special restaurant because though it can seem upscale, it is a fun place to bring your parents for any occasion. They offer a great deal of hospitality to all guests, and are always staffed with smiling people happy to offer suggestions from the menu and engage in some light conversation when it isn’t too busy. Cactus Club Cafe is located beside Whole Foods at Park Royal in West Vancouver, and their very first location is on Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver. They should both have spots to accommodate wheelchairs and can store walkers in the back to give you more space at your table. Just be sure to call ahead of time to ask and secure a table to avoid long wait times.

5. Palki Restaurant

When looking for new exciting cuisine or simply missing the flavours of delicious Indian food, try Palki Restaurant located just off Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, around the corner from Lions Gate Hospital. This restaurant’s warm ambience makes it a great spot to bring your parents and share from flavourful plates that make you feel as if you hopped on a plane and are exploring somewhere new. Make sure to take risks with their menu and try something different. There are many great options but ask about how hot your dish may be as the food can be very spicy. Also keep in mind that parking directly at the entrance is limited and a bit of walking may be required.

6. Mythos Taverna

If travelling through taste is something that interests you, why not experience the contemporary flavours of Greece? A healthy mediterranean diet is raved about by many health professionals for being rich in nutrients because of their abundant use of vegetables, sticking with the simple olive oil to dress salads, and using yogurt instead of mayonnaise as a base to their most popular dip “Tzatziki.” The lovely thing about choosing Mythos Taverna in North Vancouver is that entrees come with delicious roast potatoes and fresh Greek salad topped with feta cheese to guarantee you get a full balanced meal. Mythos Taverna, like many other restaurants on this list, is a wonderful environment for a nice dinner with family or friends.

7. Heirloom

Eating a plant-based diet can have miraculous health benefits, and it has been a trendy topic as of late. Swapping some meals for the dishes at Heirloom can be a great way to supplement efforts to stay healthy, and they recently opened a new location along Ambleside in West Vancouver. Their food is vegetarian and vegan, and they offer many gluten-free options, making it a great choice for seniors with dietary restrictions. They pride themselves in making foods that are truly good for you and serving them in a way that tastes the same or better than other foods that we find ourselves craving. Take your parents down for a fun excursion to try something new and exciting.

Do you have a favourite senior friendly restaurant on the North Shore that we didn’t mention? We would love to hear about your favourite spots in the comments!

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